Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Thus far my trip has provided me with predominantly positive experiences but I'm always fully aware that the bad times await me (especially that im travelling solo) - getting robbed, badly sick, losing stuff etc. Well one of those times arrived in Zion when I realised that my bank card (that i had stashed away for a rainy day) had gone missing. I reckon it fell out of my bag on the scumbag infested Greyhound bus. And so I discovered that some fuckwit had rinsed it to the tune of $800. It is currently in the hands of the good people at the co-operative bank so all may not be lost although the fact that its a debit not a credit card does not help.

I've also realised that one of the CD's with about 300 of my photos on it has gotten scratched to shit and may have lost all those photos, which would drive me fuckin beserk !

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