Friday, 27 June 2008


I left Ronan in Denver to reboard the California Zephyr for the third and last time. Up til then every train I´d riden had come in bang on time or better still early. Amtrak had, in my eyes, been unfortunately laden with an undeserved reputation for tardiness but all that was to change. This trip completely lived up to its infamous reputation - 11 fucking hours late !! Unreal. The problem is that in the States the train lines are owned by the freight companies so they get right of way on the tracks.

Annoyingly too, the journey was extended into the daytime and while i had been relishing my final trip the bland scenery did little to pass the time. Luckily though, i was sitting next to Matt and Sally who were well sound. The other balls about the delay was that it would shorten even further the time I would have to spend in Chicago. I was well fucked off at the fact that i would only have a day and a half to spend there.

Eventually an extremely disgruntled train pulled into Union Station at two in the morning. Even though i knew that Chicago was a pretty humid city, it was extremely foggy outside so i threw on my jeans and hoodie. Wrong move, even at that time it was fucking boiling outside.

I had lined up a couch to stay on with Jess and Lynn but I seriously flahed from the train journey the day before so we did little in the way of activity. Unfortunately I will have to leave Chicago for another trip really.

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