Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Leaving Vancouver

I finally got my ass in gear and managed to drag myself away from Vancouver last week. It was tough in a number of ways. Good people had been met and friendships formed. It was made harder by the epic send off we got.

I rolled back to the hostel bout six, after sorting out the little bits and bobs that needed taking care of, to find Karl tucked into a bottle of whisky with Alex, Michael and Eric ably following suite. I got on the vodka, we took the ipod out and the party was started. All and sundry joined in to create a rip-roaring party so good that we never made it to the Cut Copy/Black Kids gig.

With a 10am departure pencilled in, I had decided to hit Tofino on Vancouver Island, based on a reasonable weather forecast. To my disgust I arose at half fcking two ! Plans binned. I rumbled downstairs to be greeted by Alex who was meant to have caught his bus at 7 that morning to head off tree planting. Oh how we laughed. Knowing that we both fcked up made us both feel all the better bout the situation!!

As he would say himself, "we partied way to hard". Added into the mix was the fact that Eric got evicted! for apparently decking some guy who was trying to check in late at night. He can't remember but apparently he thought the guy was a thief.

I was determined to head regardless of the tardiness of my departure. Mainly cos I didn't want to have to say my good-bye's all over again but also because I needed to make progress and recommence my adjourned travel plans. Ah the end of chapter one......

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