Monday, 26 May 2008

Glacier National Park

Myself and Brian caught a few more rides and made it to West Glacier where we established our base in the less than impressive 'campground' - a package holiday for people in R.V.'s. It certainly didn't match the tranquility of camping 'au natural' as I had managed in other places.

Glacier was very nice. We explored Lake McDonald and the numerous trails that surrounded. While it was visually very impressive it didn't quite have the same effect on me as Olympic National Park in Washington had. Maybe it was the more user friendly nature of the place which seemed to attract the a lot of holiday makes rather than hard-core trekkers. Thank fuck I wasn't here in July when its supposed to be crawling with people.

We caught the train out of there to a phenomenal sunset. One which fully encapsulated and illuminated Montana's 'Big Sky' reputation. They really do seem to have a colossal sky there. The sunset spread itself and hogged the entire skyline. At Whitefish, the train stopped for 20 minutes. I bade my farewell to Brian, who id spent the past week with. I then pegged it with all my might to grab a few cans of Pabst for the journey. I arrived back to find i had a new traveling mate for the journey. Gineen was headin out to Oregon to visit her son, we had a good laugh for the remainder of the train ride.

I was awoken by the rising sun at about six in the morn, to the rays splaying themselves across the Columbia River. It was an extremely pleasant way of disturbing my final hours of sleep. Mt Hood was majestic and will hardly have looked better in the usually more mundane Oregon weather.

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