Thursday, 5 December 2002

The latest from sucky-sucky land

alright children,
still alive and kicking in the south east of asia. preparing for the full moon party tomorrow night which promises to be quite the experience. 5000 nutters on one beach, that being Hat Rin on the island of Ko-Phangan. and what a place that is. small tropical beach exclusive to backpackers from all corners of the globe and plenty from our fair isle. we can't seem to leave the place - we've been here for the bones of a fortnight.

although we left for 2 days returning today after going scuba diving in Ko Tao (turtle island). that was magic. four dives in 2 days. it was all going grand til we saw the snake. a SNAKE i tells ya. me and bambury were half way to Cork when we saw it while the instructors were nearly scoring with the fucker. there's only two things in this world that im afraid of and thats snakes and carnies (circus folks, filthy buggers)

then we got attacked by a big fucking trigger fish. i was busting my shit laughing when the thing went for bamb. i did a runner as he soiled himself. then the fucker headed for me. i escaped quicker than a norrie driving a civic down the link. just as we left the boat on the way home we bumped into Dave Ahern and Frank McKenna. couldn't believe it. we were meant to be them tomorrow on a different island.

we spent a week also in Ko Samui which was like Crete. but it was great craic. we made a load of friends who are still with us now. watched the first two matches with about 500 other barmpots from home everyone in their fake jerseys (pat if you want me to get you a Roma one it may be possible. they are identicle). we had a savage laugh there. my greatest and worst ever world cup. i cried like a baby when Robbie scored against the Spicks. i let myself, my country and my sex down but such was the tension and the passion in the pub, it was done in good cause.

the rest of the thai chicks were busy chasing "pin up" a.k.a. young McEvoy. they couldn't get enough of him. drove him mad. he's a national icon. he had to flee the country. we sent him packing the other day. now its just me and the boy bambury but we've built up an impressive entourage. paddies and geezers. bambs getting on grand but he's baffled that the locals don't speak corkonian and they don't understand when he asks where he can get a "gatt" or a "mangle" - and he does medicine????

we are really in a rut at the moment. we just don't want to leave but we're gonna head north on tuesday to do all that 'cultural shit' as we like to call it. you know, get some photos for the old lady. we plan to go on the 3 day elephant jungle trek (although if we see a snake up there we're on the first flight west). the plan then is to do a thai cooking course.

O Karl, i do appreciate your offer of a whip around for the bail money but i'm hoping for the third time lucky on foreign shores of escaping the old bill. although i did hear that they were having a mini-world cup in Bangkok Prison. Nigeria have the biggest foreign squad. Murr, you were right about them. i heard Ireland were short a right wing back, I reckon i could do a job for them. there are some bonuses to losing your anal virginity! maybe an appearance on the Late Late. the future's looking up........

anyway my fingers are hanging off me. you won't be getting another for another month ye bastards. keep the e-mails flowing, its great to hear from ye and rest of ye, start writing!

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