Thursday, 27 November 2008

15 minutes of fame

Forgot to mention bout la Cuidad Perdida. A few years ago a group of about seven or so backpackers were doing the trek and they were happened upon by the ELN (similar group to FARC). Or rather the ELN searched them out. Where? Exactly the fucking place we stayed in on the second night.

I remember reading about it in the Guardian a few years ago. Among the captees was an English guy who made a miraculous escape. He somehow escaped by making a jump for it while being marched at gunpoint through the jungle, blindfolded. Apparently he jumped off the rope bridge into a deep ravine and was discovered days later by the local indigenous people, half starved to death.

Or at least this is what he told the press

Speaking to Andy, the owner of the hostel in Bogota (been in Colombia for years and had traveled to length and breath of the country), he told me that it was complete horseshit! From speaking to people in the area he said that apparently the ELN let them go themselves cos they were running low on food supplies cos thaty had to feed these 7 kidnapees. But also apparently they kept the 3 Israelis a few days longer cos they were so annoying !

In fairness to the English guy, if that was the case then I don´t blame him. He probably made it onto Wogan (fuck it, he´s probably on Big Brother or something!). You can just picture him at a party now going "yeah that reminds me of the time I escaped from a torture camp in the Colombian Jungle after being taken into captivity by an absolutely merciless Marxist Guerilla group. I really thought my time was up. Really puts things in perspective for me" as he wipes a tear from his eye........

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