Friday, 18 July 2008

El Caribé

After my second night in Frané´s joint, I had decided to head west to el Parque Nacional de Morrocoy, on the advice of his ole man. On my final morning his mum put on yet another mammoth spread for me so much so that I was half an hour late for my bus out of there. Thankfully, the bus was on Venezuelan time so I was actually half an hour early.

I got the bus to Tucacas via Valencia (where I watched Germany beat Portugal 3-2). Tucacas was a right dump and the locals less than hospitable. It was purely in existence for the tourist dollar. My plan on arrival was to head straight for the islands and camp but I was told that I couldn´t spend the night there cos they were repairing the campground which was a real pain in the nads cos it meant I had to stay in Tucacas instead.

The next morning I headed off to Morrocoy with two sound english lads (Tom and Ali) that I had met earlier. We were joined by an American couple and their three crazy crazy little kids. Morrocoy was amazingly beautiful - an archipelago of unspoilt Carribean islands with the white sands and aquamarine water that you expect in such a place.

Everytime I head off to sunnier climes I am very conscious of getting badly sunburnt. So I lashed on the lotion before heading off. This is where I consistenly fuck up. I somehow seem to concentrate exclusively on covering the middle of my body and end up getting fcking scalded along my ribs, shoulders and the insides of my arms. So afterwards I look like a burns victim or some kid who´s had a pot of boiling water thrown at them. And within 3 or 4 days it has all peeled off. Its all very attractive honestly.

After spending a really enjoyable day on the islands, I had absolutely no reason for staying in Tucacas another night so I headed for Valencia to catch a bus to Merida. The other reason was that at this stage my body could take no more sunshine due to my lobster-like state and so I sought the refuge and cooler climes of the Merida and the surrounding mountains.

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